USDA Inspected Pastured Pork



Heritage breeds were the first generations of pigs introduced into the pork industry. These breeds are now rare due to the intensive commercial farming methods, which have done away with free-range production. Confining animals into massive pens, often on concrete floors, with no access to grazing and natural instinctive socialization has resulted in the once popular breeds becoming almost extinct.

The Tamworth breed is currently on the endangered animal watch list and is the breed we raise on our ranch. In addition to pasture raising these beautiful animals, we supplement their daily feed using Hügelland Non-GMO feed which gives us good, healthy, finished pork that is absolutely delicious like our ancestors ate!



The Tamworth is one of the world’s oldest pig breeds and is a direct descendant of the wild boar. This breed originated in the Midlands of England and takes the name from the town Tamworth in Staffordshire.


The Tamworth pigs are a red colored breed ranging for red-orange to deep red. They are deep-sided hogs and not as wide-backed as hogs of a thicker breed. The ham is muscular and firm. The Tamworth has good bone structure, strong feet and great hardiness.

The Tamworth is a very hardy animal and are good mothers. They are particularly suited for grazing, salvaging crops or following behind grazing cattle. They are disease resistant and tolerant of extreme temperatures. Primarily a bacon-pig, the Tamworth declined in popularity because of competition from modern breeders, as it is not suitable for the intensive confined rearing methods. The Tamworth is highly adaptable and suited to both quality pork and bacon production, particularly in grazing operations.


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