Leaf Lard the purest of all Lards.

Leaf Lard comes from the kidney area of the pig. There are no blood vessels, veins, or meat that go thru the leaf lard this helps it not have that "pork" taste. Leaf Lard is one of the few edible oils with a relatively high smoke point which makes it great for frying food. It has been used in making pie crust and cakes as well. Another attribute of SP Ranches Leaf lard is that all of our Tamworth Heritage pigs are pasture raised and their diet is supplemented with a GMO Free diet.  

- Pasture Raised Heritage Tamworth Pig - Diet supplemented with GMO Free Feed - No Hormones or Steroids - Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics - Animals receive a Lot of love and live a Happy Stress Free Lifestyle

Good for use with the Keto or Paleo diets

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Rendered Leaf Lard 1 Pint

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